Viktoria Vona is the CEO of Csernozjom Ltd. The Csernozjom provides a full spectrum of agricultural and environmental services in Hungary. These include professional agricultural advisory, especially in the fields of nutrient management, precision agriculture, nature conservation and the registration of growth regulators. Csernozjom Ltd is the landing point of Agrocares, an agritech company based in Wageningen, which provides an innovative sensor-based solution for nutrient analyses in soil, feed and leaf. Previous to her current role, she graduated as an Agricultural Environmental Engineer in Hungary adn later on as a Rural Development Engineer in the Netherlands. She worked in the Netherlands  for 9 years as a project manager of precision agriculture. Since 2017 she is back in Hungary and additionally to her work she ist engaged in PhD studies in the field of nutrient management and soil sensor technology at Széchenyi István University.

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