Dr. Lucius Tamm is Deputy Director and Head of Department of Crop Sciences at the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Frick. He holds a degree in agricultural engineering from ETH Zurich and has more than 25 years plant pathology R&D experience working on cereals, potatoes, grapevine and horticultural crops. He leads FiBL’s R&D activities for the development of fungicides and inducers of resistance and has also been involved in the development of improved registration procedures for novel plant protection products. Lucius has initiated the approval system for inputs in Swiss organic agriculture in 1996, leading to FiBL’s renowned ‘European Input List’ which is based on expert evaluation and long-standing scientific expertise in the field of assessment of inputs for organic farming. Today, the input list covers a range of European countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, the Netherlands and Italy.

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